Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Greetings, proud to present our latest edition/ model of Avent ISIS IQ Duo Electric Pump which is lighter and more portable. Description as below:

Microfiber travel bag(latest model-lighter & more portable compared to previous
version, which is bulkier & heavier

Pump motor

Cooler carrier (fits 4 units of 4oz bottles)

Adapter ring

(as part of two-piece anti colic system)

The unique skirt on the Avent Nipple flexes to allow air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy. This new system is only available in this latest model but not seen in the previous model.

Pump body, Let Down Massage Cushion, White Valve, Silicone Diaphragm, Bottle Stand/Funnel cover & Sealing Base

Booklet & User guidance disc

Adapter (voltage 100-240v)
Pin converter/US converter will be provided

Disposable breast pad (2 packs)

Price : RM1080

Postage: Peninsula M'sia RM40; Sabah & Sarawak RM60

Philips Avent ISIS iQ Duo Twin Electric Breast Pump, BPA Free (Model SCF 314/02)*.

*latest model-comes in new microfiber bag design-for lighter and more portable usage)

Condition: Brand new in original retail box.

Warranty: 1 month

Product Features
-Avent Isis Duo is an electronic breast pump that features an IQ

-Electronic memory IQ on the Avent isis learns a mother's pumping rhythm

-Ultra quiet, powerful motor vacuum of hospital grade pumps

-DUO(Double) works with the philips avent natural feeding System, so you can express and store milk into any avent bottle or cup

-breast pump from Avent features a let down cushion which works gently & naturally

-Avent Isis IQ Duo is a high performance electronic pump which combines all the features which improve milk production

-It's BPA Free

What is included
Twin Electronic Breast pump (motor) -1 pcs

Bottle stand/Funnel cover- 2 pcs

Disposable breast pad- 2 packs (2 pcs in each pack)

Breast milk container (125 ml/ 4 oz) -2 pcs

Power cord -1 pcs

Extra soft, Newborn Flow Nipple
(1 hole, 0 months +) -2 pcs

Microfiber travel bag -1 pcs

Cooler carrier (fits 4 units of 4oz bottles) -1 pc

Sealing disc - 2 pcs

Sealing base - 2 pcs

Adapter ring - 2 pcs

* Package also comes with booklet & user guidance disc.

Note: You will be needing a US converter for the adapter.(i will provide-FOC)

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